Regional Clinical Center of Miners Health Protection


Journal "Polytrauma"


As consisted with recommendations of the Russian national research and practice conference «Polytrauma: diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of the complications» (September 2005, Leninsk-Kuznetsky) there is the quarterly medicalScientific andpractical journalPolytrauma, registered in the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs of the Press, Television and Radio Broadcasting and Mass Communication Media (certificate of registration printed issue PI# 12-0644 DTD 15th December 2005).

On the resolution about Supreme Personnel Review Board (SPR) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated 19.02.2010., research and practice journal Polytrauma included in the List of the top-ranked peer-reviewed journals and publications, issuable in Russian Federation, in those the publication of the main results of the investigation is recommended for the dissertation investigations in candidacy for a degrees of MD and Ph.D.

The journal was established by the charity fund of the Center of the Miners’ Health Protection.

Polytrauma is the first and exclusive in Russia and CIS issue on the actual problems of the polytrauma for the clinicians, scientists and the health administration managers. The journal publishes the original articles on the fundamental and applied academic, clinical and experimental studies, notes from the practical experience, discussions, literature reviews, informational materials related to the polytrauma actual problems. All materials of the issue undergo the careful scientific inquiry, the decision about the article publication is rendered based the opinion of the independent reviewers who are the specialists on this problem, the conformance evaluation of the clinical and experimental work to the ethical requirements ànd instruction on the technical training of the manuscript. The editorial board of journal comprises the top-level scientists and clinicians of Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, USA, Italia, Netherlands, Germany, they are the leaders of the specialized medical centers, clinics, universities, institutions of the postgraduate education.

The journal is included into the informational bibliographic base of the Russian Science Citation Index of the Scientific digital library; international informative reference edition Ulrichs International Periodicals Directory (it is also entered in the printed and online-versions ( of the directory); in the abstract journal and data base of the All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information. In the site of Federal State Budgetary Medical Prophylactic Institution “Scientific Clinical Center of the Miners Health Protection” there are regularly the content and abstracts of each issue of the journal Polytrauma; full-text version of each issue in the free access regimen. In February 2008 the journal was awarded by decoration of XV Jubilee international professional exhibition Press-2008 Gold pool of the press. Subscription to the journal is realized by means of the mail catalogues of the Agency Russian Press, Press of the Russia, Russian Post.

The Journal coverage is Russian Federation, CIS countries, foreign countries. Journal languages are Russian, English; its volume is 60-100 pages. There is the bound distribution of Polytrauma to the Book chamber, scientific and medical libraries, which includes the libraries of the specialized research institute, scientific centers, clinics, medical higher education institutions, as CIS, as foreign countries.